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Inspirational Clothing
Sandy Griesemer
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Accessories. Christian baby clothes and accessories will be a blessing to you
and your baby.  Spiritually inspired clothing and accessories are great as a
baby shower gift and a perfect way to witness.
We offer "His GEM" products.

"His GEM" Products
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Lamb Onesie
"The Lord is my shepherd" Psalm 23
Item# LAMBO02
$6.00 (1 Left in each)
Lamb Onesie
White with
White with
Lamb Booties, Cap and Bib Pink
"The Lord is my shepherd" Psalm 23
$12.00 (for all 3) 1 Left
Fish Short Set Boy and Girl
I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19
Item# FISH02/69/12
$6.00 (1 Left in each color)
Fish Short Set
Boy 3-6 Months
Girl 3/6 Months
Lamb Booties
Item# LAMBG00
$4.00 (3 Left)
Lamb Cap, Booties, Gown
Item# LAMBC00
$12.00 ( for all 3) (1 Left)
Panda 1 Cap & 2 Panda Pants
(1 Pants 3-6m, 1 Pants 6-9m)
"Jesus Loves the Little Children"
Item# PANCT00
$12.00 (1 Left)
3-6m Pants
6-9m Pants
Anchor Bib
Faith, Hope and Love 1 Corinthians 13:13
Item# HOPEBS03
$5.00 (1 Left)
Lamb Cap White
"The Lord is my Shepherd" Psalm 23
Item# LAMBC00
Price $5.00 (1 Left)
Security Blankets
Click on Elephant to see
ALL Security Blankets
Price $8.00
Monthly stickers for Baby
Boy or Girl
Item# STMON02
Monthly Stickers
All 12 Months in the Packet
Special Day Stickers for Baby
Boy or Girl
Item# STMDY02
Special Day Stickers

My First
New Year

My First
Valentine's Day

My First
St Patrick's Day

Baptism Day

My First

Dedication Day

My First
Mother's Day

My First
Father's Day

My First
4th of July

My First

My First
Thanksgiving Day

My First
The Lord is my Shepherd
$5.00 for Both
Child of God Pennant
"The Lord is my shepherd" Psalm 23
Size Chart

3/6M         23"-25"         12-17lbs

6/9M         25"-27"         17-21lbs

9/12M       27"-29"         21-25lbs