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Individual Dishes
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11" Dinner Plate $20.00 Sale $13.00
11" Dinner Plate Replacement
11" Dinner Plate Replacement
8.5" Salad Plate $14.50 Sale $8.00
8" Salad Plate Replacement
Soup/Cereal Bowl Replacement
Soup/Cereal Bowl $11.00 Sale $7.00
Soup/Cereal Bowl Replacement
Soup/Cereal Bowl Replacement
Mugs $13.50 Sale $9.00
Mug Replacement
Mug Replacement
6" Bread & Butter Plate $9.25 Sale $6.00
6" Plate Replacement
6" Plate Replacement
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You may choose any of the Replacement Pieces listed below, from any of the 16 collections. For
instance, you can purchase a Mug and 6" Plate or 4 Dinner Plates.
sold at
Heavenly China Dinnerware
Sandy Griesemer
Original Replacement Pieces on Sale
Not all Pieces are still available. Due
to update on dinnerware need to
move the replacemnent pieces!
Purchase while we still have the ones
you want. We update website often
with inventory, but incase you
purchase one that is out of stock you
will be notified as soon as possible!