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Feed on the Word Dinnerware Scripture China & His GEM Christian Clothing sold at
Heavenly China Dinnerware. Heavenly China Dinnerware is an authorized retailer of Feed on the
Word and His GEM Infant Clothing. Our goal is to assist you in the meditation of God's Holy Word day and
night. We believe it will continually enhance your fellowship with your Heavenly Father, and establish
unity of your Family, Friends and Values around the table. We offer several products and Bridal Registry

Check out each page to view all our products. Our monthly specials to individual/replacement pieces. A
list of all our products are listed below. You can click item or the tabs on the side bar and the bar at the
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New to Heavenly China Dinnerware is Inspirational Clothing for Children. Inspirational Clothing and
accessories will be a blessing to you and your baby. Spiritually inspired clothing and accessories are
great for baby showers, new baby gift, birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and any time you
want to give a gift. Chose from baby clothes, receiving blanket, onesies, bibs, plush security blankets,
gowns, hats and more. Check out link below.
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Heavenly China Baby Clothes
Heavenly China Baby Inspirational Clothing
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Monkey Plush Security Blanket
"Jesus Loves Me"
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5- Piece Place Setting
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